Friend, Foe, or Frienemy?

Friend, Foe, or Frienemy?
Friend, Foe, or Frienemy are questions all of us think about from time to time when regarding the people in our lives and their purposes. Most often we cannot distinguish one from the other. Friends are taken for granted and enemies are mistaken for friends. We often end up hurt at some point in these relationships. I want to let everyone reading this know one thing: Love your enemies because one day justice will be sought and they will have to answer for their crimes. The bible speaks on this in Psalms.
Psalms 110
  1 The LORD says to my Lord: 
       “Sit at my right hand
until I make your enemies
a footstool for your feet.”


This verse speaks volumes. Every time I read this I think of “so-called” friends. These are the ones who are calling to get information about you or others, constantly gossiping about other people, and are constantly speaking negatively. We are our thoughts and must remember that the things people say to us about others they will also say to others about us! No one is without flaw but life would be so much easier if we could recognize these people when we saw them. Most people wear disguises. The most popular disguise of all is that of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is the best kept secret! These people are the most deadliest. They smile in your face, learn all about you, and then when the time is right they take everything they have learned and use it against you. The best advice I want to leave you with is to never let anyone upset you or take your focus away from your goals. People will come and go and the word of God tells us, he will make all of our enemies our footstool. How awesome is it to have someone that is watching over us and governing our lives? Once again remember you are your thoughts so if you are surrounding yourself with negative people then they will foster negativity into your life. Don’t be afraid to let people go from your life. Step outside of your comfort zone! The only thing in life that is constant is change! We may question the people in our lives purpose but please remember this famous quote from Maya Angelou, “When people show you who they are, believe them!” If you have good friends in your life then cherish them because the last I heard they were going extinct! Until next time 🙂

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  1. This speaks volumes & mirrors my life right now. I've had to learn to let go of those that foster negativity. They WILL turn on you & can be quite vicious but that does NOT belong & is unlike myself. It is a hard lesson to learn but it is a priceless one! Kudos for this Miss Day! :o)

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