Wants, Needs, & Desires

In life often times we put our goals into three different categories: our wants, needs, and desires. Depending upon which category we put our goals determines the course of our action and how it is obtained. Three essential words are defined below :
Want- to feel a need or desire for; wish for
Need- a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation
Desire- to express a wish to obtain, ask for, request
When wanting to achieve success it is imperative that our goals are in sync what what we are actually trying to accomplish. For instance, if a masters degree in your area of expertise will help to you to achieve success then that would fall into the want or need category.
The main thing when specifying your goals is to not only write down a plan to implement but to follow it as well. It is always easier to talk about what is needed to be done than doing the actual action itself. It’s a new day and 2010 can bring infinite possibilities and blessings if only you let it. Remember to “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.(Isaiah 43:18)”
As you go forth this year know that everything is within your reach. When in doubt allow the Lord to guide your steps and remain prayerful with an open heart and mind. “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)”
Until Next Time 🙂

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